Table of Contents

ACOS Objective 1

Demonstrate computational fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals and fractions.

ARMT Possible Points = 9 (MC, GR)
  • Mixed numbers may be used.
  • Common and uncommon denominators may be used.
  • Fractions may be in simplest form.
  • No word problems/context problems will be used.
  • No calculators may be used.
  • One of the options may be NH, which means “Not Here.”

Fun with Fractions
Unit from NCTM that uses plastic eggs and egg cartons.

Pattern Block Fractions
Great set of lessons from Cynthia Lanius using pattern blocks to explore fractional relationships.

Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Subtracting Mixed Number Fractions with Borrowing Learning Activity
Interactive lesson from Wisconsin Online